A Friend From The Blackness

You’re alone in your room, sitting in the pitch blackness. You’re upset and feeling worthless. You feel something reach out to you. At first it petrifies you, you’re so terrified you can’t even make a noise or move. But then you feel it wrap it’s arms around you. You start to find comfort in it’s touch. You understand it’s not there to hurt you. You wonder what it is that has presented itself to you. Then you realise, it’s the darkness reaching out to comfort you. The dark that you thought you were scared of as a kid, only wanted to be your friend. And now it is the only thing keeping you alive tonight.

The Devil’s Deadly Wishes

It is tragic when you’re in a war between the light and the dark. It is even worse when the darkness seems to be winning. You’re so caught up in the depths of the shadows that you’ve seemed to forgotten about the sunlight.

Pretty soon you’re so far gone that the shadows start to represent something new to you. Instead of being the lost causes you once desired to help, they are now these horrific demons. These terrifying creatures won’t let you leave; you’re trapped. The help you desperately yearn for, it will never come. It left long ago, after that time you refused to trust anyone.

Now in your time of need, you decide to trust the demons. Maybe, if anything, they will be the friends you long for. Well, you know they will leave you for dead too, right? That’s exactly what they do.

Completely torn and lost, you don’t know what to do anymore. You poor little soul, you must know by now. You must realize that you are a monster now, the most bloodcurdling one around.

This fate was destined for you the instant you looked into the eyes of a nightmare. You shouldn’t have fallen asleep that night, as you had been for-warned. Behind closed eyes, all you see are the lies of your thought up alibis.

What will become of the loneliness you feel? If you keep letting things get worse, you will become nothing. The demon within you will take its final toll, and you will be destroyed. Oh, the beautiful being you once were, and now the precious, smoky ashes you’ve become.

It is such an unfortunate thing for this to have happened. Really, you didn’t deserve such a wicked action as this. This fire burns hotter, and scorches your already battered skin. Like living in hell wasn’t enough, now you’re trapped there in the afterlife as well.

Everything is spinning and you are stumbling around. There is no end to this torture, you suffer for eternity. The obscurity lasts forever, and you are completely forgotten. No thoughts linger upon your memory; it is though you never even existed.

Okay, it is time to stop this madness. It is time for you to know the truth. You never did exist outside these wretched dead-lands. You’re soul, not born pure enough to enter the world, has forever been damned to this eternal pain. The devil bestowed this dream upon you to satisfy your craving for life. He tried to change your mind, this fiery pit is better than the tragic ending waiting awaiting an innocent being. You finally fall into his sinister trap, and he has won. It is now that you fully understand, the Devil’s Deadly Wishes.

MANNNfam on an Island

So, I’m pretty sure we all know who MANNN is. In case you are reading this, and do not know who they are, let me explain a little bit.

MANNN is a group of five guys: Adam & Nick Buongiovanni, Nolan Emme, Sidarth Saini, and Eric Obie. They share many of the same goals, but the main one is to create equality amongst everyone, to eliminate bullying, reduce racism, and overall make the world a livable place. There are no words to describe how incredible they are. They save lives!
There, now you know a little bit about why we, the MANNNfam love them so much. Now to the story! This is about how we’re gonna move to an exotic island and live together as one big happy family!

#IMAGINE (trololol)
We all have saved every cent we’ve earned for the past five years or so. We all take a one-way plane to some exotic island off in the middle of the ocean. There’s multiple islands, five to be exact. We decide to call the four small ones by the last names of MANNN; Buongiovanni, Emme, Saini, and Obie. The biggest island, we call MANNNland, kind of like “mainland”. Don’t judge us! We thought it was punny!
Our islands are perfect. they’re everything one could ever dream of. The weather is always fantastic. It’s never too hot, nor too cold. The beaches are perfection. Clear waters, soft sand, and shade by palm trees. We have hammocks between some, just for the heck of it.
Oh and the houses! The houses are beautiful, most of the walls are made of glass, to let the sun shimmer in and around at impressive angles. The interior, designed of either your choice of a light or dark wood, to hold or deflect certain light. Your walls are decorated with whatever you please!
There are some areas of thickly wooded space, but that’s okay, there’s still plenty of room for all of us. Sometimes it’s fun to just pack a bag and get lost in them for a day or two. Maybe with a friend, so you have some fun stories to tell. Or maybe by yourself, so you can find your piece of mind again. Being around all of the MANNNfam at once can get a little cray cray, and that’s okay! You take your time, we always understand.
The best thing about our little islands, is that no one is left behind, and everyone is equal. There’s no bullying, not hate. There’s no judging, just love. Just kindness, and caring, and pure love. It’s bliss! You are one hundred percent excepted for who you are! If your gay or straight, it doesn’t matter. If your bipolar, depressed, or anorexic, we still love you. We’re here to help you get by, and we are always by your side! Every step of the way. MANNNfam is the best fam, don’t forget.

#MEMORYSCENARIOS (just for the lulz)
Remember the time, after we set up the hammocks. Nolan was trying to balance on one of them, and flipped off! It was like a slow motion back flip, except he didn’t land on his feet.
Remember when we were sitting on the beach, at a bonfire. Nick was telling us a story about this girl who was on his bus. She caught him staring at her, but he claims he wasn’t staring on purpose! He had zoned out listening to his music.
Remember when Sidd was trying to help Eric find clay on the beach. They dug many holes, and eventually found some. Eric’s excitement though!
Remember when Adam tried fishing with a homemade fishing rod? He was so sure it would work, and so determined to catch something. And man, did he catch something! [Your imagination used from here. Has he gotten stuck on the bottom of his boat? Is it a fish? What did he catch? Did he real it in? Maybe the rod broke? UP TO YOU.]


I finished my writing! Yeahh! Haha now to edit it a little more and then I shall post it. In the meantime, you can check out my very sketchy rough draft of The Darkest Tragedy. It’s nothing special, and it won’t really be anything special, but it was a short story for English that I am quite happy with. Funny right? How often are you ever happy with your writing?

So, the thing I posted recently called “The Darkest Tragedy”, that is just one of the many drafts I have of it. One of the shorter ones too, if I might add. When I am completely done with it, and am okay with it, I shall post it and see what happens from there. But since I have just started this account on WordPress, I realise about only 5 people will see anything I post for maybe the next month or even longer. Not very high hopes of anything big happening any time soon, but if I’ve learned anything, is to keep your expectations low, and it’ll feel like you’ve accomplished so much more later on. =)

The Darkest Tragedy

It is tragic when you’re in a war between light and dark. It’s even worse when the darkness seems to be winning. You’re so caught up in the depths of the shadows that you forgot about the sunlight.
Pretty soon you’re so far gone, and the shadows represent something new to you. Instead of being the lost causes you once desired to help, they are now horrific creatures. These creatures won’t let you leave, you’re trapped forever. Help had left long ago, so now you’re completely on your own.
You start looking to the monsters as your friends, but it’s not long until they leave you, like everything else has. You’re so torn and lost, you poor little soul. But after this adventure, you have become the lost cause, now transformed into a monster.
The most bloodcurdling one yet.